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May 2015
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Nolan Family Introduction

Mason Nolan (65 years old)
[Amber Nolan is 19 years old]

Narrated by Mason

It's been pretty lonely without Amber home. I really hope she's enjoying her time down at Ashland University. Lord knows I did when I was there. My days just seem to blend into one another now that I don't have a strict schedule. The one thing that has remained is that I always gather up my morning paper as soon as the paper boy drops it off. 

The house is often too quiet for me. I try and get out as much as I can. I like taking the taxi service since it gives me someone to talk to on the drive over to downtown Ashland.

One of my favorite places to go is the bowling alley. Back when I was younger, I was on a league. They don't currently have any leagues for seniors, which is too bad. I am one mean bowler though, let me tell you. I try to bring up the idea of an all senior's bowling league to the manager every time I come in but usually, he doesn't want to hear it. There really ought to be a place for us seniors to keep active and have social interaction with one another. I might have to write a letter to my congressman. 

After I get home from bowling, I usually wash the dishes from breakfast. Housework has always been one of my favorite things to do. Give me a load of laundry to fold and I'm a happy man!

Amber usually calls me once a week to chit chat. When she called this week, I decided to invite her over for dinner on Saturday night. It's already Thursday so I am hoping that she hasn't made any other plans. I try to play up the dinner by telling her I would make her favorite, chicken parm.

Luck would have it, Amber didn't have any plans. She did ask if she could bring along a new friend. Of course I said yes and am delighted to meet this person!

I wasn't expecting Amber to show up with a boy. Heavens, her and Emmett just broke up a few months ago. I was surprised she moved on so quickly. Although, she didn't exactly introduce Tyler as her boyfriend so maybe I am getting ahead of myself.

We had a pleasant conversation at the kitchen table. I got to learn about Tyler. From what I've heard so far, he sounds like a good kid. Amber and Tyler told me all about their classes and coursework. I never went to college myself so I can't imagine how these kids are juggling all these assignments! Amber also mentioned that lately she hasn't been feeling well. My guess is that she's so stressed out from all the work she has to do! I told her to try and relax a little whenever she can. I hope she listens to my advice.

I start to prep dinner. I really do enjoy cooking for others. When my wife passed, I couldn't even toast a piece of bread on my own without setting off the smoke detector. Now that I have years of experience under my belt, I've actually become a pretty good cook.

Tyler was a big help in the kitchen. As I fried up the chicken cutlets he wiped down the counters for me without a hesitation. It was really nice to have someone help me out in the kitchen.

Before now time, we sat down to a lovely dinner. Chicken parm is Amber's favorite. They both must have been hungry because they devoured it! I guess the food they are serving on campus isn't very good. Amber even had a second plate, which is surprising!

The kids cleaned up the kitchen. I wanted to help them but they insisted that I take a load off and relax on the couch. I know I shouldn't but I admit, I felt a little guilty letting them clean up my kitchen. They should be the ones taking a load off! I can't be a guest in my own home.

After Amber and Tyler finished cleaning up, we chatted in the living room. It was almost 8:30, which just so happens to be my bedtime. As much as I wanted to stay up and chat some more, I kept feeling my eyes closing as I started to drift to sleep. Finally, I decided to head up the stairs and go to bed.

I heard some giggling as I made my way to my room but I was too tired to be concerned.

They ended up sleeping in the guest room, together. Against my directions. Obviously there isn't much I can do about it now since it's over and done. I really would have preferred that Amber slept in her old bedroom but I guess I didn't make that point clear enough.

I wasn't sure how late Amber and Tyler would sleep. She's a chronic late sleeper so I figured I would wait until I heard someone get up before I started cooking.
I told Amber that I was disappointed in her for now following my directions and sleeping in her old room. She sounded surprised that I was lecturing her. She apologized and said it wouldn't happen again. She's right about that! Especially if I have something to say about it.

Amber and Tyler stayed a little while after breakfast. I didn't want her to go, but I know she's probably got a ton of things to do back at university. I loved seeing her again. It was such a lovely weekend - one I wish we could have more of. 

Gameplay Notes
The monster that is the ROS got to Amber this round. She rolled "get pregnant," so yep - she's preggers. Really not too excited about that since I see so much potential in her. Tyler is the father (in case you're wondering!) They really hit it off at the dorms. They do a lot of ACR interactions and constantly get heart farts around each other. Who knows if this will actually last, especially given the circumstances, but we'll see what happens! 

I almost never play elders by themselves. I tried, but I got bored pretty quickly so I had Mason invite Amber over for my own enjoyment, lol. 


  1. Mason has a quiet life-- it sounds like getting the paper is one of the highlights of his day. I wonder if his congressman would do anything about the lack of a bowling league for retirees.

    How is Mason going to take the news of the baby coming, since it was hard for him to deal with the fact that they have a sexual relationship? It will be interesting to see what happens with Amber and Tyler, and their child, as well as with Mason. I bet he'll come around pretty quickly after the shock.

    1. Mason's life is definitely quiet now that Amber's away. I never really know what to do with elders, especially if they are alone! Currently, I only have two elders in my hood. I was thinking about making a community center for them. Somewhere that they can interact with others. (This will probably once more of there are more elders).

      I don't know how Mason will react, especially since his own daughter had Amber at a very young age too. I can't imagine he will be thrilled with the idea but I think he will try and help Amber as much as he can.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Pregnant?! Oh, wow. This is going to totally change Amber's life. I can't wait to read her update and find out about her own reaction to it...and Tyler's, as well as her dad's.

    I pretty much always get bored playing elders, so I understand! That's why they always have their kids over in my game. Once elders are widowed, they move in with one of their kids. I know that's not always an option with a newer hood though.

    1. Carla, I wasn't too thrilled when I rolled the ROS. I almost skipped it but I had another one that was even more crazy! It was a divorce ROS for one of my couples who are constantly ACRing. I just couldn't see them getting a divorce for any reason. I decided to keep Amber's pregnancy and let them continue to live happily together!

      Elders are my least favorite to play! There just isn't too much for them to do. Once they retire and are home all the time, it gets boring quick. That would be a good option! I figured that Amber would move back in with Mason after university anyway. Now with a baby, that will probably be the best plan for her.

  3. I did not expect her to get pregnant! Wow, that will change things for sure. I understand having an ROS that you aren't thrilled with, but I think it will make Amber's story richer as the time goes on, and you'll be glad that you followed through. I get bored with elders too, and I've never done a lone elder! I'd go crazy with that. Like Carla, I intend for my widows to move in with their children, though it took many years for Myra to do that, it didn't fit her personality.

    Tyler is a pretty cute guy though and they do seem happy. Maybe he can move in with them and help out with the baby once she graduates university.