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pretty in pink

January 2015
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Narrated by Brielle Parker

My birthday was on Tuesday, but I'm celebrating with my friends tonight. I've been planning the party for a few weeks - I want to make sure everything is perfect. I'm turning 15 this year and my parents said next year, when I turn 16 I can have a big, fancy party!

I was still waiting for a few people's responses late on Friday afternoon. Any time the phone rung, I was there to pick it up!

Nathan finally called me and agreed that he would come. Apparently, his girlfriend, Callie, didn't feel "personally invited" so she didn't want him to go either. I don't know her that well - she just started at the high school this year. I don't know why she had such a problem with him coming but I guess if he was my boyfriend, I wouldn't want him going to another girl's party without me. Luckily, I was able to convince him to bring her to the party.

I had a hard time deciding what to wear. I bought two new dresses and wasn't sure which one to pick! The first dress is blue and I think it might be a little too fancy for what I have planned.

I tried on both dresses (a few times) before I decided to go with the pink dress. I really love the way I look and feel in this dress! It makes me feel more grown up too.

Everyone started getting to my house just as I finished getting ready.

After we left my house, we headed to Melt - the first stop of the night. Oh em gee - I love this place. It's probably the best restaurant in the world. Cheese on top of cheese on top of bread with butter. It doesn't get better than that! I was sure to make reservations because with such a large party we would have never got to sit together!

When we got there, the host had our table all set up for us! We didn't even have to wait.

We chatted for awhile while we looked over the menu. Of course, I already knew what I wanted - the double bacon grilled cheese. I couldn't believe that some of my friends haven't been here before!

When the waiter came out with drinks for everyone, he spilled the tray!! I was so annoyed. He ALMOST got it on my beautiful dress. Mostly, everyone laughed so I tried to hide my anger. They ended up taking the drinks off the bill to comp us.

Once the food came out, everything was good again. I was in heaven with my deliciously cheesy grilled cheese and all was right in the world. Well - except for a few things. I've been really down about not having a boyfriend yet. It seems like all of my friends are in relationships and here I am - alone.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the meal - you can tell because it was quite as we ate! My mom always says that's a sign of a good meal.

Before we left, Renee and I went into the bathroom for a little girl talk. She's my best friend so of course she knows me too well and I can't hide anything from her. She told me to just "spit it out already!" After a little hesitation I finally told her about my wish for a boyfriend. She's single too, so she gets it. She was able to give me a pep talk which made me feel better.

Just as we were wrapping up our conversation, Callie came into the bathroom. I know she probably feels little out of place, hanging out with people she doesn't know. I think she is a really cool person and I want her to feel welcome with our group of friends.

We walked around downtown for a while. Around 8 we went to BARcelona. It's a karaoke bar! It was so much fun seeing everyone sing in front of the large crowd! I even convinced Callie to do a duet with me!

When I got home that night, I threw on my PJ's. Aside from my little drama at the restaurant, it was such a fun night and I was glad I got to celebrate with my friends. I went on my computer and found a message from Orlando. I was surprised because we rarely message each other unless it's a group message. He said he had a really great time at my party and asked if we could hang out tomorrow. I immediately wrote back and said of course. We ended up having a conversation that lasted until the early morning. My parents would probably kill me if they knew I was awake at 3 AM!

Orlando got to my house pretty early, considering we had been up all night chatting. He greeted me with a hug which kind of surprised me. We've been friends for years but I can't remember a time where we've ever hugged!

We ended up watching TV in the living room for a while and just talking. We watched one of those new sci-fi movies that just came out. I don't really find science that interesting but Orlando seemed to really enjoy it.

Orlando showed me his Rubik's cube. He tried to teach me how to solve the puzzle but looking at the thing just made my brain hurt. It was kind of cute how he was so excited to share it with me, you know - in that dorky cute kind of way.

Orlando ended up staying for dinner, at my parent's insistence. If you're at my house around dinner time there's no way you're leaving before you eat. For some reason, my parents feel obligated to feed the neighborhood if they're around during dinner time. Orlando left my house around 7 since it was a school night. He said he would "talk to me later" and gave me hug before leaving. Obviously, as soon he left I ran upstairs and sat on my computer, waiting for him to get home so we can continue our chat from the previous night.

Gameplay Notes: Sorry, this update took longer than expected for me to write/post! I'm back to work so that means less time for playing :(

Brielle had the wants to flirt and go on a date for almost the whole play session! She has bolts with Nathan but, he's taken and therefore doesn't show interest in her (good boy!) Brielle and Orlando ended up getting along pretty well during her "party" so I decided to bring him over the next day and see how it went! They both developed crushes so we'll see where that goes!


  1. Brielle was so cute, wanting to wear the perfect dress for the party,and wanting a boyfriend. It was nice of her to include Callie. As a mom of a sixteen year old, it all rang really true, like people texting her at 3 aM and also wanting a boyfriend.

    I love the Melt idea for a restaurant. That is awesome, especially in Sims 2, reminiscent of the grilled cheese aspiration.

    It takes a while to get these updates done, it was really nice!

    1. Brielle is a family aspiration so her desire for starting that family came pretty early! Can't blame a girl when all your friends are in relationships and you're single! Thanks for the comments about Melt! Some one on N99 made a similar restaurant and I just loved the idea!

      Thank you for reading and commenting Shannon!

  2. Aw, I'm glad Brielle had such a nice birthday! She's obviously getting to an age where she's starting to feel a little on the outs being one of the few single girls in her circle. Hopefully Orlando can help her out with that. ;) He seems sweet and it looks like they really get along.

    1. Brielle definitely doesn't want to feel "left out." We'll just have to see how it all plays out with Orlando!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Brielle looked really nice all dressed up for her birthday, I'm glad she had a nice time, and Orlando seems like a nice candidate for a boyfriend seeing Nathan is taken. It doesn't have to be insta-love or high boltage just to have some companionship, especially at fifteen. The restaurant was really nice, I liked the large table and how nicely they filled it up.

    1. You're right! I'm so used to trying to find sims with high boltage but sometimes I just need to forget about that because not every couple in real life has such great chemistry! I've always had a hard time breaking sims up once they were together but I have to stop letting (my own) emotions get in the way!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!