Sunday, September 21, 2014

lot tour: stone creek elementary

I haven't been able to play this week so instead of a story update, I'm bringing you a lot tour!

Stone Creek Elementary School
Blair Smith, Principal
School Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
 About Stone Creek:

Stone Creek Elementary School in Ashland is a kindergarten through sixth grade public school. The school was built in 1994, due to the population boom of the early 1990's. Stone Creek is situated on the outskirts of Ashland's city center.

Stone Creek's Mission:
The mission of Stone Creek Elementary School is to bring children and the community together to create a safe and caring learning environment where each individual can reach his/her maximum potential.

A larger view of the school's exterior.

The front entrance. To the left is the main office and through the doors on the right is the gymnasium.

The gymnasium

The main office

Principal Smith's office

The cafeteria

The library

The Classrooms
 This is the kindergarten room

This room houses students in grades 1 and 2

The hallway upstairs which leads to the upper grades classrooms.

The grades 3 and 4 classroom and the grades 5 and 6 classroom are both very similar!

The Playground


  1. It looks fantastic! I love the sleek modern look of the main office and the kindergarten room is really cute!

  2. Very nice! I really like the entrance and the offices, the glass windows really makes it open and feel like the administration has nothing to hide. Very bright and fresh! The exterior is really interesting too.

  3. Wow, Ashland, that is an amazing and realistic looking building! The front view from the street looks just like real life schools. The view from the playground, through the cool chain link fence, of the row houses, looks really phenomenal. My favorite three things are the front office, the library, and the cool green accent wall of cinder block looks just like real classrooms. You've really got a lot of great space for your baby boom, such a great build.