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she works hard for the money

December 2014
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Keri Krause (37 years old) Avery Krause (13 years old) Blake Krause (9 years old)
Claire Krause (5 years old) Demi Krause (2 years old)
Narrated by Keri Krause

The mornings are always hectic around here. By the time I wake up, Avery is already heavily into her "jamming out session" in the bathroom. I'm so glad she listens to her music through ear buds though. I can't bear the thought of her waking up Demi and the other kids with that loud music!

Since it's Saturday, I have some extra time to spend with the kids before I head into work. I love making them their favorite pancake breakfast whenever I can.

 Before I head to work, I check in with Avery. She's been such a wonderful helper for me. Taking care of her brother and sisters is no easy feat! I'm especially glad that I don't have to lay out any money on a babysitter, seeing as Avery does it for free. I wish I had the money to pay her for all the help she gives me but right now, I need every penny I can scrape up.
I was so upset when I had to trade in my old car. I really loved that car - maybe I loved it because Trevor surprised me with it. Unfortunately, I just couldn't afford to keep up with the payments. For now, I'm driving around a little clunker. So far, it's been pretty good to me - getting me and the kids from point A to point B with little to no problems.
 As soon as I arrived at work, my boss Talin felt the need to remind me the unfortunate news that Jon, our cook, had quit. Apparently, he found work in a new establishment across town with better pay and benefits. I'm happy for Jon, but not so happy for me. His leaving means more work for me.
I started right away on getting some clean dishes ready for the dinner rush. With only two of us here, I knew it was going to be a long night!
As I headed out to the dining room, I glanced over at the bakery case and noticed how bare it looked. I guess this is the last of the desserts Jon made before quitting. I would offer to make a few things except for the fact that my baking skills are not that great.
I really hope Talin hires a new chef soon! I don't know how long I can stand hostessing, waitressing, and cooking.
As guests placed their orders, I couldn't help but cringe when I realized which meals I would have to be making. I prayed that I wouldn't burn any of the meals and have unhappy customers. I wouldn't have anyone to blame but myself for their terrible meals!
Luckily, most of the meals turned out pretty well. I didn't get one complaint. I was half glad and half nervous about that. I really hope Talin doesn't take the non-complaints as a good sign and prolong finding a new cook.
As the night dragged on, I could feel myself become more exhausted by the minute. I was so glad when the clock struck 12 and we closed up. I hurriedly finished up all of my side work and headed home. Running around all night really made my feet ache - all I wanted to do was lay in my bed and fall asleep!
The next morning, I woke up later than usual. I sat on the couch for a while watching the news before I even had the energy to straighten up the house. I never used to let the newspapers or dirty dishes pile up. Now, the house is littered with dirty dishes, old newspapers and even dirty diapers. I feel like I can't keep up with anything anymore.

The weather man predicted snow, and for once he was right. The first snowfall came early this year. I really hate this kind of weather but the kids were so excited when they woke up to a snow covered lawn. They played together outside, building a snowman and making snow angels.

Even after the girls had come back inside, Blake stayed outside for hours! He was so cold by the time he got in, I had to make him take a bath to warm up.

Mornings come around so quickly. Just as I'm starting to fall asleep, I can hear my alarm clock buzzing away. I'm up at 6AM everyday, to make sure the kids are all showered, dressed and fed before they run out to catch the bus. Claire is the hardest to wake up. Ever since she was born, she has slept through the night (and well into the mid morning)! As you can imagine, trying to get her up for school is can be a nightmare.

Once the kids head off to school, it's just me and Demi. Since I'm off work today, I am going to get some errands done. We have quite a few things on our list today: grocery shopping and holiday shopping. I wish I didn't have to drag Demi with me, but hiring a sitter is just not in the budget.

After a very long day of being out and about, it was finally time for Demi and I to head home. Luckily, I was able to almost everything on my list. Demi was such a great helper while I did my shopping. She behaved so well in the stores!

I left a note for Avery just in case she got home before we did. I'm glad I left the note because Demi and I ended up being out until almost 4PM! When we arrived back home, I found Claire "reading" the newspaper. She's very funny now that she's started kindergarten, she likes to pretend she's a "grown up," which by her definition means reading the newspaper and giving her sister a hard time about doing her homework.

Even though I was exhausted, I mustered up enough energy to cook a quick dinner. Days like these make me wish ordering pizza or Chinese was still an option! Nevertheless, I'd say our dinner turned out pretty well. We all headed into bed pretty early that night.

The next day, I headed into work at my usual time. I prayed that Talin had hired someone during my day off. Once I pulled into the parking lot and saw only his car, I knew it was going to be another long night.

When I got inside I saw Talin bringing someone into his office for an interview. All I could think was, "At least the process has started." Luckily, Troy (the interviewee) was hired on the spot and was able to work immediately. I still hope Talin finds a qualified cook, since right now all Troy will be doing is hosting.

After we closed, I found myself sitting in a booth crying over Trevor and worrying for our family again. His death has been really difficult on me. Sometimes I feel perfectly fine but the the next minute, I'm breaking down and sobbing.

I was surprised to see Talin come through the kitchen door, since I had thought he left out the back entrance. I quickly picked myself up and started cleaning the tables again. He could tell something was wrong and asked me about it. I fought back tears but in the end, decided to tell him what was wrong. He was incredibly understanding and a great listener. Something which totally surprised me since he is probably the last person I should be letting in. Even after working here all these months, in that moment it seemed like I was talking to a different person. It was actually pretty nice.


Gameplay Notes
First post of Round 2! I ended up playing this household for an extra day, just because I was trying to hard to find something to write about! There was literally nothing going on here but I guess that will happen sometimes.

Keri is so sad - all the time. She worries so much! I've seriously never seen a sim worry so much. It really hurts to watch her sometimes. I am wondering if it was because I made her a family sim and she has no husband? She constantly has the wants to: Fall in love, get married and have a baby (despite already having 4 children!).

Talin and Keri started ACR flirting at the diner. I wasn't sure how to work it in so I figured he's sort of a "shoulder to cry on" for Keri. They have two bolts but I'm still not sure where this might go. I guess we'll have to wait.


  1. Oh my goodness, if Keri is like my single family sims have been, she'll move fast with Talin. As far as that want to have another baby, I am not a huge fan of Sims 3 or Sims 4, but I noticed in Sims 4 CAS "family" aspiration will have two pathways, either wanting a large family or wanting a successful family line, which I think is a huge improvement over the Sims 2 aspiration system for family sims. It would have been nice if more serious sims would not roll those baby wants all the time,or something like that.

    Anyway, I feel so bad for Keri, but she is really juggling everything so well. You did a great job filling in the character and showing how exhausting her life is right now; sometimes it is so hard to figure out how to portray something of a story line.

    Your diner looks amazing, the outside as well as the inside has such an authentic feel to it.

    I'm so excited about this round!!

    1. She has had the wants to fall in love and get married since I made her in game! So I think you are right about her and Talin! I've never really played S3 so I didn't know about that option. That does seem better! I've actually been playing around with a little system like that of expanded aspirations. Some sims can be so different despite having the same aspiration! Once I get it all to my liking, I will post it on here for feedback.

      Thank you for reading and commenting! :)

  2. Poor Keri, she has so much going on, I really enjoyed this update and felt that there was plenty going on. It might have been day to day stuff, but I think it's important to show where they are at right now. The diner looks really nice, and I hope that work gets easier for her, I can't believe how many hours he has her working, especially with all those kids at home.

    1. Keri definitely has her hands full right now! I feel bad that she has to work those crazy hours too but hopefully once Demi, the youngest, goes to school it will be less challenging on the family. Right now it works out perfectly that Keri goes into work at 2 and Avery is home at 1. They just do a quick shift change but I'm sure Avery is looking forward to a little more freedom to spend time with friends!

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  3. Keri has a lot on her plate...no pun intended! A very demanding job and four kids at home and she's lost her husband. :( It's really no wonder she worries all the time. "Worry" is definitely an interaction associated mainly with family sims, so that would explain that.

    Should be interesting to see if anything develops between Talin and Keri. Sometimes the relationships you're not expecting turn out to be the best ones for your sims!

    1. Lol! I loved that :)

      I feel bad for Keri. Her aspiration score was in the red for awhile but it's finally coming back up, slowly. I hope once it's green she will stop worrying so much.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!