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October 2014
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Fairbanks Family Introduction

Craig Fairbanks (41 years old), Molly Fairbanks (39 years old), Callie Fairbanks (13 years old),
CJ Fairbanks (13 years old), Mia Fairbanks (11 years old) Justin Fairbanks (9 years old)

Narrated by Molly Fairbanks

Craig and I have been together for such a long time. I know our flirting embarasses our kids but they should be happy to have parents who are still so happily in love after this many years! Sometimes, I just can't keep my hands off of him.

Callie went out on a date with Nathan Grey last night. I was very reluctant to let her go, but Craig convinced me that it wasn't such a bad idea. The next day, we found a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the front porch. I hugged her and asked her to tell me all about it - she didn't. I asked her to invite him over for the barbeque he were having.

Even though it's October, the weather's been so nice that we have been able to continue barbequing. I love seeing my children spend time outdoors instead of in the house watching TV or playing on the computer. 

Even though she probably didn't want to, Callie ended up inviting Nathan over for dinner. I was glad that we were going to be able to get to really meet him and spend some time with him, especially if she plans on spending more time with him. 

I love it when Craig cooks. I usually do all of the cooking so once in a while it's nice to be able to relax while he handles it.

CJ came inside to help me grab the side dishes. While we were in there, he mentioned that he thinks I should go into business for myself. I was pretty surprised by his suggestion since I had never thought of doing that. He tried really hard to pitch the idea to me, telling me how delicious my meals are and what a great baker I am. Hearing him say such wonderful things about my cooking really made me blush. I didn't realize he thought so highly of it. 

We headed back outside, sides and condiments in hand. I kept thinking about CJ's idea. Me? Owning my own business? It just didn't seem possible. I would have to pitch the idea to Craig and feel out his response. I decided it would be best to wait and mull it over in my own head first.
As the night winded down, most of the kids had gone inside to relax before school in the morning. Craig and I took advantage of his absence when Nathan went inside to use the restroom. We told Callie our thoughts and opinions of him - all good, so far. I could tell she was getting annoyed with us but we can't help it - we're her parents!

The tables turned as soon as Callie left and Nathan returned. As she entered the house she called back to us "Wait 'till I get back!" Craig and I started asked Nathan to tell us about himself and his family. I tried to make my questions short and to the point so we didn't have to hear the wrath of Callie when she got back.

As Craig and I finished cleaning up from dinner, Callie and Nathan hung out in the tree house. I made sure to keep my eyes on them the whole time - no funny business, Mister! I can't believe how quickly our kids are growing up. Callie and CJ are in high school now and Mia and Justin aren't too far behind them. When did my babies become not babies anymore?

It was almost 10 o'clock before Nathan left. I mentioned how late it was and he luckily took the hint. Callie walked him outside to say goodnight as I retired to my bed.

The next day, everyone was back to work and school. Since all the kids have been in school being home all day by myself hasn't been very fun. I go about my daily routine, making the beds.

Cleaning up all the bedrooms, bathrooms and the kitchen. The monitiny of it has really been getting to me.
Once I finished my chores, I decided to relax on the couch for a bit. I wasn't feeling too good so I started watching some new show on the Yummy channel. All of a sudden, my mind went back to what CJ had brought up the day before.
I ran into the kitchen and started baking some of my best pies and muffins. It didn't take long for the whole house to smell amazing.

When Craig got home from work, he asked what all the baking was about. I excitely pitched my idea to him. I was a little nervous about what his reaction would be. Luckily, he was as enthaustiac as I was! He told me to go for it!
That Thursday, I made an appointment with a banker to discuss business loans. Craig wanted to come with me but I felt that it was something I needed to do on my own.
Once we sat down, I immediately started throwing out my business plans and ideas. The banker looked a little overwhelmed but that could have been because I was talking a mile a minute. The only people who know about my dream so far are my family. Obviously, I was really excited to be able to tell someone else about it!
After I calmed down, the banker suggested we begin the loan application. While going through the questions, I explained to the banker that I had been staying home the past few years as I raised my family. I was a little put off when he suggested we just write "unemployed" on my application. I mean, technically, I was "unemployed" but not in a bad way!
Even though I didn't walk out of the bank with a loan in my hand that day, I did walk out with a better understanding of what I needed to do. Finally, I'm going to do something for myself.

Gameplay Notes

Molly rolled the ROS start a new hobby/business. She had high interest in food and has been a stay at home mom, so I figured that would be the direction she would go.

OOPS! - I just realized I never finished posting the pictures/text up on the blog until some of you had commented! The story kind of just stopped abruptly so if the ending didn't make sense to you, that's why! The rest of the story is up now. Sorry! :x


  1. CJ seems very in tune with what his mom's interests are-- he and Callie could be quite a handful for their parents, being pleasure and romance sims, as teens, it is no wonder their mom is concerned about getting to know who Callie is dating. I love the family's backyard and bbq area, that was nice to see in action.

    1. Yes - I am worried about that! I don't really like to make teens romance/pleasure right away but that's what I rolled for them so I stuck with it! I see Callie as "boy crazy" which will probably drive her parents nuts! As far as CJ, he just wants a date and a first kiss but it hasn't happened yet for him, lol.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Aw, I'm glad Callie let her parents meet Nathan, even if it was somewhat reluctantly! It's a bit awkward at that age, for sure, but I'm sure it put her parents' mind at ease.

    I would love to see Molly open up a business! It sounds like she'd be great at it, if CJ is anything to go by and it'd probably be fun for you too. :) I have Caleb in my hood running a business where he sells pre-prepared meals and it's really fun seeing what my other playables have bought (someone recently bought cheesecake - hoping for twins, obviously, lol)!

    1. Molly and Craig both seemed to like him which was good! These kids are still so young so I'm not sure how serious they will be with each other but it's always fun to see what happens in those high school years!

      Ah, Carla! I'm so silly - I totally forgot to add the rest of the update where you see Molly start the process of opening a business. It's up now though :) That's a really cool idea!! I bet that comes in handy for busy sims!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I love the ending, with Molly going to get her loan, and taking issue with the banker for calling her "unemployed."

  4. They have a lovely backyard, and I'm glad that she's on top of what her kids up to, giving them some freedom, but not too much. She's got some dangerous aspirations to parent! The business is such a great idea, I totally adore your bank, the signage is fantastic! And I really like him talking about being unemployed, her expression is fantastic there. I think my favorite though is the photo of her with all those pies, working away, what a sight must have been for Craig when he came home, but I'm very excited for her!

    1. Thank you for the compliments! :) I am planning on adding more signage around the hood but I have been slacking on making them. I'm glad you like the bank! She's a natural in the kitchen. When I rolled the ROS for her I knew exactly where I was going to go with it!

      Thank you for reading and commenting!