Wednesday, March 12, 2014

school days

February 2014
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Principal: Raymond Hodge / Teachers: Maggie Reid & Christy Stratton
Students: Evan Mills, Renee Johnson and Debbie King are 7th graders, Avery Krause, Brielle Parker and Orlando Centowski are 8th graders, Nathan Grey, Meadow Thayer and Ricky Cormier are 9th graders, Jessie Rowe,
Emmett Grey and Imogen Copur are 10th graders, Sophie Miguel, Tosha Goodman and Derek Wade are
11th graders and Amber Nolan, Randy London and Alvin Futa are 12th graders

Narrated by Raymond Hodge

The day started out like any other. I arrived to work a little before 7 and started checking my email. It’s been more difficult to keep up with my email since I have six students this year and don’t get to spend too much time in my office throughout the day. I really wish the School Board would approve my request for another teacher one of these years but they just say, “It isn't in the budget.” With the end of the year coming up, budget time is just around the corner. I’ve been pretty busy writing up my proposal for next year. It includes adding an additional substitute, since we only have one right now and she is split between here and the elementary school.

Violet Kane, our substitute teacher, came into my office around 7:30 with some “big news.” I was feeling pretty nervous, thinking perhaps she found a teaching position in another district. However, that wasn’t the case. Violet said she is three months pregnant and is expecting her first child in August. She wanted to discuss a short maternity leave for the beginning of the year. While I’m not entirely happy with the news of her absence, hopefully we will be able to find someone to take her spot at least until she’s able to come back to work. Maybe we will even be able to keep both substitutes!

The students start arriving at 8 and I like to greet them at the door. The mornings can be pretty chaotic. I’ve had to stop my fair share of fights on the school lawn. There are quite a few students this year who don’t seem to get along with their peers. These fights usually lead to an appointment in my office where students are reprimanded and given detention. I guess I wouldn’t say I’m the most popular guy around here.

First thing this morning, I called all the students into the auditorium for an assembly. The prom is coming up soon and we still haven’t come up with a theme. I decided to ask the students to participate in choosing the theme. The past few years the themes have been chosen by me and the other teachers and we are just out of ideas. Hopefully some of the students will come up with some good ideas!

Maggie Reid teaches the 11th and 12th graders. She is very popular with the students. They always seem to go to Ms. Reid with their questions and concerns about everything. I sort of envy the way she is able to handle the students. They see her as both a role model and a friend. She really is a great asset to our school.

It’s Tuesday, and therefore my lunch duty day. I don’t typically spend too much time in the cafeteria but I do enjoy seeing the students interact with each other. We’ve been meaning to get some healthier choices in our cafeteria but it just hasn’t happened yet. This means students usually grab a slice of pizza and a donut for lunch, not the most ideal lunch in my opinion.

Amber Nolan and Emmett Grey have been getting awfully close lately. Amber is a very bright student and has been a member of the Student Council since 8th grade. She’s graduating this year and has plans to attend Ashland University. Emmett Grey is in my class this year and isn't exactly the star student. He has very loose boundaries at home and school doesn't seem to be his top priority. I really hope he doesn’t take Amber off course in her studies.

I don’t think a day goes by that there isn’t at least an argument in the cafeteria. Today is obviously no different. Jessie Rowe and Evan Mills are arguing about something. These boys have never gotten along. I hope they learn to stay away from each other and don’t make any more trips to my office.

Brielle Parker and Imogen Copur are chatting away and I think I hear them throwing around some ideas for the prom. I’m glad to see at least some students taking an initiative. I’m hoping we have a few concrete ideas by the end of the week.

Imogen has Alvin Futa cornered, literally. While I’m only an earshot away, Imogen offers him a backrub. Alvin looks really reluctant, but maybe that’s because he can see my out of the corner of his eye. These two students couldn’t be more different. Alvin is a really shy student who works hard but tries not to stand out while Imogen uses her brain to manipulate others into giving her what she wants. I find this an odd pairing but who knows, I was never good at that romantic stuff anyway.

After lunch, my class heads over to the Home Ec room. Emmett really wants to make Milkshakes. Too bad today we will just be learning how to make a chef salad since most of the equipment in the room doesn't exactly work. It's quite a shame actually. Actually, most of the school is outdated and could use renovating. I really hope we are able to secure some funds for some upgrades to the high school!

After the school bell rings, Amber discusses her ideas of a Sports Themed Prom with me. I don’t think I did too good of a job at hiding my true feelings. While the idea is good, I just don’t think that’s something the kids at Ashland would really want. They are used to more elaborate proms with fancy dresses and tuxedos. I can’t imagine what “sporty” dresses we would see if that theme were to win out. I guess we will just have to wait and see!

Gameplay Notes: Pretty boring title, I apologize. I couldn’t think of anything else ;x

There are so many students in the high school! I originally only put in the “playable” sims (the ones with profiles). But then it just seemed too small. I figured adding in some townies wouldn’t hurt. I think it gives the school a more realistic feel.

I’m still learning to use Inge’s school mod so I didn’t spend too much time “in the classroom” because the students weren’t being too cooperative. They would suddenly stop working and complain about wanting to play video games and watch TV. It was frustrating! I decided to let them mingle and see what happened. I’m glad I did! I got to see a few random student pairings. For some reason, all of the girls are crazy about Derek Wade. I think his facial features are a little strange but maybe he will grow into them? I don’t know.

As always, thanks for reading!


  1. Hopefully they can get another teacher since it seems like you're bursting at the seams and I think I noticed two Emmett's, wow, that would confuse me so much :)

    1. I really hope so! Even though three kids will be leaving next year, we have three more on their way up! Yes, you read that correct! Emmett Grey is a playable and Emmett Mills is a NPC. I need to change his name because it is confusing! I will do that tonight ;)

  2. Oh man the double Emmett's would be hard, it's totally plausible in a school, but not allowed in my hood! I can see why you will be changing it. I had to Rebecca's at one point, and changed the one to Bekah, they are both red heads too, one was a townie, so I didn't name her to begin with. The school looks great, really like the auditorium, and prom!! Ahh, I need to do a prom now that I have more than one teen! I can't wait to see yours, and I totally agree that a Sports Themed Prom is no good!

    1. Lol yes! Emmett Mills is now Evan :)
      I can see some names being repeated, but Emmett is so uncommon it's hard to believe! Lol
      Thank you! I will hopefully be able to post some more pics of the school soon, maybe a lot tour. I am so excited to play the prom! I'm sure it will be full of high school drama!

      Thank you for reading and commenting!