Sunday, March 16, 2014

back 2 school

March 2014
this is the first update / next update

Principal: Blair Adams / Teachers: Elise Davenport & Brandi LeTourneau
Students: Cody Parker and Chloe Gonzaga are kindergartners, Grant Calloway and Lacey Fisher are 1st graders,
Ashlee Wade and Porter King are 2nd graders, Justin Fairbanks, Blake Krause, and Marsha Bruenig are 3rd graders,
Grace Calloway, Chandler Platz and Michelle Johnson are 4th graders, Mia Fairbanks, Brittany Parker and
Nate Mills are 5th graders, and Callie Fairbanks, CJ Fairbanks and Oralndo Bertino are 6th graders.

Narrated by Blair Adams

After my students entered the room, I had them begin on their morning work. They are usually pretty good about getting right to business.

While my class is completing their work, I go across the hall to see Ms. LeTourneau's class. Mrs. Letourneu can be very strict with her students, but I think it works well. The students in her class know she means business. They are almost always on task and don't goof off when she turns her back. I can't wait to have some of them in my class next year.

Poor Brittany Parker really seems to be struggling a bit this year. I know she is a bright child but I can see how anxious she gets when other students finish before her. She hates being "last" which sometimes means she rushes through work and doesn't really try her best. I know she can succeed if only she took the time!

After my class finishes up their morning work, we move on to Math. Today we are beginning our Geometry unit. I have almost the entire Fairchild family in my classroom! The twins just turned 12 and Orlando isn't too far behind them, I believe his birthday is next month. After Math the students have P.E. and then lunch. I usually try to use this time to check on the other classes and also complete some of my principal duties.

On my way downstairs to my office, I stop by Ms. Davenport's classroom. It's only her second year teaching but she is a natural. The children are so attentive and love listening to her tell stories at the "magic carpet."

She's really happy to be working with the young kids this year. Last year she was in the 3rd and 4th grade classroom but I think she is much better suited with the little ones!

During my lunch break, I stop into my office to check my email. I had an email from Dean Smith, a surgeon at the local hospital. We've been seeing each other for a few months now and I think things are getting pretty serious. It's so refreshing to spend time with someone who shares interests with me and lets me be myself. After my engagement was called off last May, I wasn't sure I would ever find someone I could love. After 10 years of a long term relationship with a marriage just a few months away, my heart was completely shattered when I found out he had been seeing someone behind my back. Suddenly, everything I knew changed. I had to move out of our small home in Willow Creek and rent a small apartment in Ashland. The only good thing that has come out of the move is Dean.

After responding to Dean's message, I went into the cafeteria to grab a quick lunch. I love seeing the children at lunch. I miss having the little ones in my classroom but that on top of my principal duties was just too much to handle. Maybe I can go back to teaching the little ones when there isn't so many of them!

I took my class into the library after lunch to begin our science research paper for the semester. The students are working in groups of three. We are currently working on narrowing down our topics. Nate Mills is still really addimite about studying the weather patterns in the Tropic of Cancer. Callie wants her group to focus on the indigenous people of the African rainforests.  I've had quite a few diasters in regards to group projects in the past. I hope the students are able to work together cooperatively to complete this project.

Ah, 3 o'clock - the end of the day. Some days just seem to go on forever and today was definitely one of those days. I have a feeling that might be because Dean and I are going out to dinner tonight. We're going to my favorite restaurant, Inaho, which is a hibachi restaurant. I just have a few things to finish up here at school before I can head home and get ready for our date.

After the students left, I headed into the main office to make some copies for tomorrow's lessons. Ms. Davenport met me in there and while she waited for her turn, we made small talk. She said something rather strange, that surprised me. She said I was "glowing" and quickly followed that by asking what my secret was or who "the lucky guy" was. I decided to open up to her about my personal life, something I haven't had the courage to do in quite some time. She seemed really happy for me and I had to admit, that made me smile. It seems like things are really starting to turn around for me.

Gameplay Notes: 
I originally was going to write this entry from Elise Davenport's point of view, but changed my mind when I was moving Blair into her new apartment. She immediately rolled the wants to fall in love, get married and have a baby. A true family sim. She is older in years (I think I have her marked as 37).

Also living in her apartment building are Raymond Hodge (H.S. principal) and Dean Smith (surgeon at the hospital). Both Blair and Dean kept heart-farting over each other, so I ended up staying longer than I planned at her apartment to see where it went! They ACR flirted and kissed quite a lot and ended up in bed together. I thought of Blair as a NPC but I am thinking she might become a playable NPC. There are some interesting things that will be happening for her soon!

Also, I just wanted to point out why Callie & CJ are teens at the elementary school. I have grades K-6 at the elementary school and when the sims turn 12, they become a teen in my game. I didn't feel right just moving them into the high school when they aged up to teens. They are in 6th grade so they will be moving up to the high school next year.


  1. I think it's interesting that you have the teens stay for the sixth grade, I bump mine up, but that's because my sixth grade was in middle school. I'm still not satisfied with my teens in high school for sixth grade, so it was nice seeing this played out. What a great school, and adorable kids, even the teachers are all very lovely. Elise has a great look for younger kids, she seems very soft and sweet.

    I hope things work out with the surgeon Dean and Blair, if she's 37, I can see why she's interested in getting a move on, especially spending all day with kids, it'll be fun when her own are in her school.

    1. Once I realized they were teens I had a bit of a dilemma. More likely than not it seems students will start 6th grade as children and age to teen at some point that year. So either I would have teens in elementary or children in high school. When I realized this I knew I would keep 6th grade at the elementary level.

      Blair was actually fun to play! I can't wait to see how things progress with her. Hopefully she will be able to fulfill some of her wants in the near future.

      Thanks for reading & commenting!

  2. I like hearing her backstory and I hope things with Dean work out as well, will we see any of their dates?

    1. I took some pictures of it so I will post them soon. (Probably just as a short preview)

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  3. Second school update I've read tonight, REALLY making me want to play my kids! :) I love the picture with them all sitting cross-legged listening to the story.

    Some non-playables have a way of edging themselves into the story whether you plan it that way or not! Looking forward to seeing where things go for her.

  4. I really love playing the school! It's so different than playing houses and I love seeing ow the kids interact with each other.

    You're right about non-playables! I have found that many of them seem to be interweaving their way into the story unexpectedly!

    Thank you for reading and commenting :)