Saturday, February 1, 2014

Neighborhood Overview

Ashland is an old and historic city. It features a bustling downtown area with a small town feel which is something many people love about Ashland. At the heart of the city is some of the best shopping, great selection of restaurants, and exciting nightlife. The area is ideal for singles or new families starting out but it also home to many of the town’s older residents. Housing prices in Ashland vary and there are various options available - from single family homes, to high rise apartments, townhouses and condos.

On the outskirts of Ashland, two suburban communities can be found. Both Willow Woods and Stone Creek are in close proximity to downtown shopping, cafes, and other amenities. These are dream neighborhoods because of the great schools, low taxes and friendly residents. These features make it an appealing place to raise a family. 

Willow Woods is the oldest sub-development of Ashland. The homes were built in the 1920’s and 50’s as residents moved from the city into the suburbs. These older homes feature great architecture and charming appearances. With close proximity to the town’s center and affordable home prices, Willow Woods is a sought after neighborhood.
Stone Creek is a planned community that was built in the late 1990’s to meet the demand for new houses due to the growth of population at this time. Four different house plans with spacious yards were developed for this project by architect, Gerald C. Wellington, still an active member of Ashland’s housing developments. All houses have the same exterior and look quite similar, therefore it is a real cookie-cutter neighborhood, but the residents here seem to like it that way.

Just across the bridge, on the outskirts of Ashland, Shady Acres is the most affordable (and dangerous) neighborhood in Ashland. Unlike Ashland’s suburban districts, living in Shady Acres is more of a nightmare than a dream. This area is ridden with poverty and some very “shady” characters. Housing options here include: Shady Acres Village Apartments, Regency Square Apartments, one bedroom houses and Paradise Cove – a trailer park that is anything but paradise! An hourly motel, walk-in clinic and ‘convenience’ store also add to the sketchiness of Shady Acres. 

This is the overview of the Ashland University campus, an extensive four year university located about fifteen minutes from downtown Ashland. The campus is has a scenic view of Oakhurst Pointe Beach. There are six residence halls located on Dormitory Drive for students as well as four Greek houses located on Greek Row for sorority and fraternity members. The college townhouses are located on Campus Parkway and house upperclassmen. Heading down First Street takes you into the small downtown area of Oakhurst Pointe, a historic seaside town, which is considered off campus and hosts a variety of bars, nightclubs, shops, restaurants and housing.

Oakhurst Pointe is a quaint Victorian town nestled near a historic beach. Located only fifteen minutes away from the heart of downtown Ashland, this is a very desirable neighborhood. It is also home to Ashland University’s campus. This area is known for its high price real estate on cozy tree lined streets. The town features many bars, clubs and restaurants that are loved by locals and college students alike.

Somerset Pines is a small, sleepy town. It stands deep within a mountainside forest. Its most noteworthy feature is the large and busy market square. The town has a large tourist population, bringing in sims from near and far. Located only 45 minutes from Ashland County, this destination is the perfect weekend getaway. It is also home to the area's only sleep-away camp, Camp Somerset.


  1. Your town looks great, really like all the different neighborhoods that you have going, and it looks very filled in and developed. Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Thank you! After a longgg wait, I finally got this blog up and running. I can't wait to introduce my families!

  3. I love it how you have organized your neighbourhood! Seeing this makes me wish I'd have put a bit more planning effort into New Maximiliania when I set it up. All I did was putting the apartment buildings in the shopping district, leaving Downtown the way it came with the game and filling the main neighbourhood with as many residential houses from the lots & houses catalogue as I could fit in.

    1. Thank you! I have to admit, I (probably) spent too much time planning this 'hood! I had so many ideas it was hard for me to narrow them down! As of right now, I'm happy with what I've come up with. Although, I do have other ideas I will hopefully be able to add in the future! Thanks for commenting :)

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