Monday, February 3, 2014

Aging & Celebrations

Although sims "age" every year, they generally only celebrate age transitions with a party. For example, when a toddler turns into a child a party with extended family and friends will be thrown. On non-transitional birthdays, sims usually celebrate with a cake and immediate family.

Infant to Toddler
Most sims choose to keep this celebration small, inviting only other family members. However, there have been some rather large, over the top 1 year old parties in Ashland!

Toddler to Child
The 5 year old birthday celebration typically includes a guest list with other neighborhood children. Backyard parties are popular but there are other venues available for parties  (i.e. Sweet Tooth and Penny Arcade).

Child to Teen
This is a big celebration for the sims of Ashland. Families often throw "sweet sixteen" style parties for their young sim. Depending on the family's financial state, parties may be simple or extravagant. 

Teen to Young Adult
For most sims, this birthday is usually celebrated out with new college friends. Most sims choose to throw a dorm party or spend the night bar hopping in Oakhurst Pointe.

Young Adult (or Teen) to Adult
This birthday celebrates the sim becoming a real, full-fledged adult. This birthday is probably the least celebrated one, typically just having a few friends and family over for some cake while others choose to celebrate alone.

Adult to Elder
The elder birthday is celebrated with close family and friends. Some sims have been lucky enough to have surprise parties thrown in their honor at this special age.

Other Celebrations

The sims of Ashland take weddings very seriously! They are HUGE life events that they want to share with their loved ones. Weddings vary in price and also on the couple to be married.

Engaged sims plan their weddings down to the last detail, often with the help of Ashland's renowned wedding planner. Bridal gowns, tuxedos, bridesmaids dresses, venue, decor and invitations are big discussions during the couple's engagement. Other services such as photographers and honeymoon destinations are available to sims as well.

Some sims have engagement, bridal, bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Sims have memorial services to remember their loved ones who have passed away. These services can take place in a funeral parlor, church, or at a sim's home.

Sims also throw parties to celebrate other events. Some of these may include: anniversaries, retirement parties, housewarmings, and sporting events.

*I would like to thank Apple Valley for inspiring me to include celebrations in my hood.

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