Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Parker Introduction

Jack and Amy met in high school, though they never dated exclusively at the time. Once in college they [literally] bumped into one another at a frat party. After offering to help Amy clean herself up, the two began talking. They ended up spending the entire night together out on the back porch. They two began dating seriously and fell madly in love. However, Jack was in his last semester of college and part of his degree required that he spent one year in China working alongside some of the top research scientists in the world. The year apart was difficult for both of them but somehow they made it through. As soon as Jack returned, the two tied the knot in a small church ceremony. They went to their honeymoon and found out Amy was already a two months pregnant with their first daughter.

The Parkers live in Willow Woods in this charming converted farm house. The house was Jack's grandparents, who left it to him in their will. They ended up completely gutting the house to make it their own.

Their daughter, Brielle, was a real handful as a toddler. Jack's was on call, night and day. Amy was stressed out and also upset that she wasn't able to begin her career right away. Amy was able to find a job working part-time as a secretary with the Ashland County Police Department. Amy soon moved up to full time and both she and Jack realized they weren't ready for any more children just yet. The family has since expanded and includes Cody (6), Landon (3) and Madison (2). With all these children Amy has had to go back down to part time. Will Amy be able to keep her career or will she be forced to quit completely?

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