Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Grey Introduction

Phoenix is currently an International Corporate Lawyer. For years, his demanding yet very well paying job has constantly had him traveling all around the world. After spending many years on the road, his wife, Margaret, decided she was sick of being second, third and often fourth to his job. She packed up the boys (Emmett & Nathan) and left four years ago, moving them across state lines. After a court case Phoenix ultimately won custody of both children due to Margaret's indiscretion. Phoenix still spends most of his time working but neither of the teenage boys seem to mind. With access to limitless credit cards and parties whenever they want, these boys don't seem to miss their mother at all. Rumor has it that Margaret moved back to her hometown to live with her sister.

The family lives in this four bedroom townhome in Ashland. The rent is extremely high but it's right in the heart of downtown Ashland and also very close to Phoenix's job.

Both boys are currently high school students. Emmett is really interested in finding a girlfriend but Nathan is more interested in his studies. Emmett is interested in having fun, partying and girls. Nathan wants to grow up and be even more successful (financially) than his father. Since Margaret left, Phoenix has been trying to spend more time at home with his boys but is work is so demanding that he usually gets home just in time to see the boys go off to bed. Will he be able to bond with his sons before they go off to college?

Family Members
Phoenix Grey
Emmett Grey
Nathan Grey

Family Updates
Round 1

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