Sunday, January 11, 2015

movin' on up

June 2015
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Principal: Blair Smith / Teachers: Elise Davenport & Brandi LeTourneau
StudentsClaire Krause is a kindergartner, Cody Parker and Chloe Gonzaga are 1st graders,
Grant Calloway and Lacey Fisher are 2nd graders, Ashlee Wade and Porter King are 3rd graders,
Justin FairbanksBlake Krause, and Marsha Bruenig are 4th graders, Grace Calloway, Chandler Platz 
and Michelle Johnson are 5th graders, Mia Fairbanks, Brittany Parker and Nate Mills are 6th graders

Narrated by Blair Smith

Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 Tax Season

Taxes in Ashland are collected once every two years. Taxes are based on a number of things. Some of the things I look at are: household value, cash on hand, number of dependents, income class, deductions and luxury taxes. Using this information, I can come up with what I think is a fair amount for my sims to pay in taxes. Let's see how it worked out this season:

2015 Tax Breakdown
Calloway: $11,847 Paid
Grey: $5,410 Paid
Fairbanks: $4,962 Paid
Fisher: $858 Refunded
Krause: $683 Paid
Nolan: $12,870 Paid
Parker: $318 Refunded
Rowe: $734 Refunded
Smith: $17,670 Paid
Total of playables taxes: $25,792 paid

In order to find the amount of taxes from my townies, I decided to multiply the amount paid by the playbles by 5. There are more than 7 times as many townies/NPCs in my hood, so I thought 5 was a fair number. This number will probably vary each tax season.
Total of townie taxes: $128,690 paid

Grand Total: $154,752 collected

Frequently Asked Questions

You might be wondering, where does all this money go?!
Town Projects get 45%, Education gets 35% and Medical gets 20% of the total amount collected. With this breakdown that means City Hall gets $69,638.40, the school district gets $54,163.20 and the hospital gets $30,950.40. 

How will this money be used?
A member from the school district stated that they plan to use this money to upgrade the high school. "Talk of renovating the high school has been heard for years," Principal Raymond Hodge recollects "and now we finally have some money to do it!" 

The hospital plans to use some of the money to finish the recent renovations. Talk of an MRI machine and new maternity ward have been rumored.

City Hall plans to use the money to create more affordable housing in the form of apartments in Ashland's city center. This will be ideal housing for young sims who want to live closer to thier jobs in Ashland.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

april birthdays

April 2015

Mia Fairbanks is celebrating her 12th birthday this April. Next September, she will be attending Ashland High School along with her older brother and sister. Mia's top three interests are entertainment, sci-fi and animals. Based on this information, she choose the knowledge aspiration.

Also having a birthday this month is Landon Parker. He turned 5 years old and celebrated with a fun filled day at the park. He is super excited about starting kindergarten in the fall and making new friends.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

move along

March 2015
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Phoenix Grey (46 years old), Emmett Grey (17 years old), Nathan Grey (15 years old)

Narrated by Emmett Grey

Sunday, November 23, 2014